Here’s something that (I found) profound that I learned within the Quick Start Challenge.

Now I’m not going to go into the particulars of the program here, you can check that out starting with this post.

We have a weekly Webinar and something that was said in this weeks’ slapped me square in the face.

Like most, whenever someone (usually a webinar host) asks what one thing you wish you had to help your business I’ve always in a knee-jerk fashion said ‘traffic’. Oh if I could only get traffic all my problems would be solved.

Of course the logic goes that it takes traffic to make any money and I can’t argue with that. But one of the things that was pointed out to us is the order in which we have been led to do things in this course.

Week 1 – in a nutshell, establish a blog; an online presence.

Week 2 – take a hard look at the multitude of ways you can generate income online, the various income streams that are available with an online business.

Week 3 – create a 2-step lead magnet/offer for people so that they’ll opt-into it with their email address. This is one way to build your email list.

Week 4 – create an e-mail sequence to send to your subscribers.

See here 

And finally next week (5), the last week in the course we’ll find out about traffic.

Now this course is presented and mentored by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. These guys are each 7-figure earners in this industry. There’s a reason they’ve left traffic until last and that reason is the thing that smacked me up along side my head!

You see, they pointed out something that should be obvious to everyone myself included. Here it is, ready for it?

What good does it do to “drive traffic” to your site unless there’s something there for all that traffic to see and hopefully benefit from?

So obvious right? Let’s take another quick look at what I’ve (we’ve) been doing the past 4 weeks, and the order in which we’ve done these things:

We’ve established an online presence. We’ve considered how we want to make money (income streams). We’ve created a compelling offer for those that visit us giving them the opportunity and hopefully the incentive to provide their email address (building a list.) This week we’re starting to establish rapport with our list by sending helpful emails.

It’s only after all of this that we’re ready to receive traffic!

I offer this up as maybe an eye-opener for those who like me are just getting started. Take to heart this sequence and make it your roadmap as well.

Let’s see how the adventure continues from here!

Thank you for your time and as always let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.

I also cherish any comments and would appreciate it if you could share this on social media for the benefit of others (well, in honesty for me too!)

Towards Your Success,


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